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Started writing in Swedish, but thought it might be helpful for more as the review was written in English. Do not complain too much about the words. Even I must learn from my mistakes.

Last Thursday we ate at LolaMola. Me and Fredrik shared a Hot Bitch - Chorizo Criollo 100% Beef, Manchego Cheese, Artichokes & Veggie Sauce and a Nachos Freak Show - Beans & Meat Nachos with a portion of Guacamole and Cheese. We also tasted one of their pizzas that our friends ordered. Very good, but is pizza really pizza if it does not have tomato sauce ?!
Anyway. The food was really good and definitely worth the money. They are close to the beach and have a lovely and relaxed atmosphere.
So what can I complain about? 
We asked how the portions were and the waiter said it would be really big. They were not. They were normal, but do not think you can share a meal if you are hungry.
And finally. If somebody tells me the food is strong, at least I want to feel some kind of heat on my tongue. The Hot Bitch was supposed to be hot. It was not even close to that. But it really was a Tasty Bitch for sure. A Tasty Bitch that absolutely left aftertaste for more.
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